Daisy Chain


What is a daisy chain?

Quick Answer:- In floral terms, a garland of daisies threaded together.

A daisy chain is a garland typically made with the common English or lawn daisy. The individual flowers are picked leaving sufficient length of stem to make a hole, usually with the thumbnail, to thread the next stem through.

What’s the daisy’s botanical name?

Quick Answer:- Bellis Perennis

The daisy most commonly used to make daisy chains is the bellis perennis, commonly known as the lawn or English daisy.

Common in Europe the bellis perennis is a member of the Asteraceae family. The name daisy is also used to describe many different varieties of flower. Aside from English and lawn daisy, bellis perennis has also been known as bruisewort and less commonly woundwort.

This particular species of daisy grows natively in central, western and northern Europe.


How long was the longest daisy chain ever made??

Quick answer:- 2.12 km (1.31 miles)

According to the Guiness Book of World Records the longest daisy chain they have on file was 2.12 km (1.31 miles) and was made by villagers of Good Easter, Chelmsford, England, on May 27th, 1985.