The Lonely Bouquet – Lonely No More

We recently participated in the ‘Lonely Bouquet‘ project and placed a pretty flower arrangement at a secret location in Dunstable.  Sneaking about early on a warm and sunny Saturday morning all seemed very clandestine.

The mission, to drop of the bouquet at the secret location, without being seen and with enough time to grab some photographs.

Here’s the arrangement in situ and awaiting someone to find it and give it a loving home.

The location was the bench near the Little Theatre in High Street South, Dunstable.  We returned to the shop and eagerly anticipated news of the Lonely Bouquet’s discovery after announcing it across social media:-

By mid morning we were thrilled to see this lovely post on Facebook from Laura Marie Moore who wrote ‘We have found it ? my 5 year old is chuffed to bits to be taking home this lonely boquet so she can take care of it. Thank you so much xx’


The post was shared widely and Laura also posted a lovely picture of her daugher with the flowers on the DLD Facebook page.

We’re so happy to have made someone smile, look out for more lonely bouquets in the future.