The Lonely Bouquet

lonely bouquetSunday 30th June 2013 marked International Lonely Bouquet Day.  Conceived by Emily at Fleuropean the movement is dedicated to spreading warmth and happiness through the anonymous gifting of flowers.  You can view the Lonely Bouquet Facebook Page here.

The idea is to create a small bouquet of flowers and leave it somewhere for someone to find.  On the flowers a small tag typically reads, ‘I’m a lonely bouquet, looking for a home.  Perhaps I could live with you or a loved one.’

Over the weekend we left two lonely bouquets in the Dunstable area.  We left the first bouquet on a bench outside Chews House in High Street South.  We were thrilled to later that day receive word from Karen Harvey via our Facebook Page that she’d found the flowers and given them to a special lady who she cares for:-

Walking the dog and sitting on the bench was this lonely bouquet of flowers with a sign saying adopt me.  Well I knew a home they could go to so gave them to a special lady I care for.  What a lovely idea, certainly cheered up my day thanks very much Cottage Garden Flower Shop xxx

We left a second arrangement of flowers on the Woodside Estate and were also fortunate to hear later that day from Caroline Goodwin:-

I  picked up your lonely bouquet today! It was beautiful so thank you! Felt quite strange just picking it up and taking it home but I felt lucky all the same.

Thank you !

lonely bouquetWe’ve really enjoyed being involved in this special event and are looking forward to taking part again in the future.

Karen also took some lovely pictures of the flowers with her dog, you can view the album on Karen’s Page.